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50 things geeks should know

Last updated on February 14, 2019

Are you a geek? Do you know what the difference is between an AT-AT and an AT-ST? Do you even know what I’m talking about? If not, then you may not be as geeky as you thought. Sure, you may enjoy a good Star Trek once in a while, but did you know those two things I mentioned earlier are actually from Star Wars? They’re those wild mechanical transport/attack beasts used against the rebels. They shoot laser beams that go ‘pew pew’ and everyone runs scared.

But I digress.

Geeks love to learn. They are smart and dedicated to becoming even smarter. So here’s a useful visual that walks you through 50 (that’s all!?) things that a geek should know. Think of it like an IQ test mixed with a dating test (like on one of those dating sites) combined with bar trivia. If you get to know every single one of the things listed below, then kudos! You’re a geek!

If you know even half of them, then you’re probably a geek! Let’s be clear though. It’s OK to be a geek. This isn’t Revenge of the Nerds you know. Geeks rule the world and will continue to do so for quite some time. There are worse things you can be. So, how geeky are you?