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How To Maintain Your Cat’s Peeing Into The Litter Box

Last updated on March 10, 2019

Cat owners don’t really have to train their cat when it comes to them doing their business. This is because it is instinctive among cats to always urinate and defecate and a single spot. Despite this, there really will be some instances wherein your cat will end up not using the box in doing so. This behaviour of theirs could end up causing a bad smell to emanate around your house, making things problematic and uncomfortable for the ones living in it. In order to properly solve the problem, it is a must that we know the root cause behind it. With that said, here are some of the reasons and the ways to solve them.

Unclean Linen

Once a cat pees somewhere, chances are they’re going to pee in it over and over again in the same spot. This can be a problem as the more times they pee, the smellier it’s going to get. In order for you to prevent them from repeatedly peeing in the same spot, it matters that you are able to determine the exact spot and then have it cleaned properly. By properly, we mean cleaning up with the right bacterial cleaners, as well as thoroughly washing it in a washing machine. There also are a variety of enzymatic cleansers that ensure your cat does not keep on peeing on the same spot. Also, in choosing the cleaner, choose one which does not cause toxicity among cats, or one which does not cause them to be allergic.

Adding More Boxes

Adding more litter boxes is best if you have a really big house. It can be tiring for a cat to go to the exact same spot every time they need to pee. The rule of thumb in litter boxes is that you get one box per cat plus one, as some cats can end up being picky if they see that another box has poo or pee that’s not theirs. The more litter boxes, then the better it is going to be for you and your cat, as there will be less chances of them looking for a seemingly comfortable place to pee, which, most of the time are carpets and rugs.

Change their Box

If your cat does not seem to be at ease with the box, which could be because it’s too small, then it’s definitely time to change. Indeed, there are plenty of types of litter boxes that are sold in stores so this is definitely not going to be a problem. These can be made of plastic, and some can be made of wood. The dimensions also matter as some cats may have difficulty climbing up, especially when they’re too young, when they’re already old, or they have a bunch or ailments like arthritis for example, that will cause them to find difficulty in climbing up. Whenever the need would arise, it matters that you, as a pet owner, respond to their change of need.