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Working Of A Far Infrared Sauna

Last updated on May 20, 2019

Do you know what a sauna is?? It is a small room like enclosure used as a hot –air or steam bath used to clean and refresh our body. It has been used throughout ages and is still in popularity today. Because it can help people to sit back and relax, basically what it does is, it doesn’t allow the heat to escape and due to which our body will start sweating which will result in removing many toxic substances from our body ultimately leading to a healthy life

Saunas was discovered by people of Finland which are known for the healing properties. It all started with a cultural event, quickly turned into a valuable tool used by a lot of people all over the globe to improve their health. There are different kinds of sauna’s available based on the amount of heat it can generate. These include Wood burning sauna, electrically heated, infrared room, and steam room saunas. The advancement of the technology has lead to manufacture of highly effective sauna and people are using this particular relaxation technique in routine.

How do this work??

Let’s become practical here for a minute, and see how this works.

It all works on FIR that is far infrared rays. Infrared rays are basically the rays that produce the heating effect.

These saunas make use of infrared rays (FIR). Let’s take an example of how it works:-

Imagine if in winters you’re playing outside on a sunny day. For sure, you will feel the cold air but when you spend some time in the sun, you will feel the warmth. So basically, you are getting warm but there is no effect on air This is basically called FIR. As more than 3/4th of the sun rays are infrared. They rays can’t be seen with naked eyes. But some cameras can detect the infrared rays. So, rays are present everywhere around some. In infrared sauna only 20% of the energy gets consumed in heating the air, leaving the latter to be absorbed by the body. If you are thinking about experiencing an infrared sauna and its health benefits, then you can visit

Why prefer infrared sauna, not the traditional one?

Back then when traditional saunas were used, many people were unable to tolerate the amount of heat it produced. On numerous occasions, people were not able to tolerate the excess heat and they faced some serious issues. And also sometimes this amount of heat can dry up your nasal passages and can be painful. Therefore water was infused in this to get rid of excess heat issue. But the temperature of the infrared sauna is generally around 100 degrees, and science has depicted that this temperature can help the human body to get rid of the harmful toxic substances.

Lastly, there are many health benefits of the infrared sauna if taken a bath in. We should be thankful to the Finland people for introducing the saunas in the world.