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How To Charge Your PS4 Controller

Last updated on November 14, 2019

We all love out PS4 consoles but if you think about it if you don’t have the controller, the console is really nothing but a piece of an expensive little box.

No one learns to appreciate the importance of battery life until such a time he experiences having his controller run out of power with nothing to charge it with.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to charge your PS4 controller using the console.

Pairing Your PS4 Controller With The Console

If this is your first time using your PS4, there is one thing you need to do before charging it. You need to pair it with your console. Take note that you can use four controllers at a given time.

You have to press the PS button to activate a particular controller. Each controller is designated with a unique colour depending on which players pressed the PS button first.

To be able to pair the controller with the system, the console needs to be turned on first. After that, you can use the USB cable to pair the controller with the system.

If you plan to use over two controllers, then you need to separately pair the controllers with the console. At this rate, you can connect your controllers wirelessly.

Charging The PS4 Controller With The Console

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the console is either turned on or in rest mode. After that, you can use the USB cable to connect the controller with the console. If you want to see the charge level of the console all you have to do is press the PS button from the controller and it will appear the console screen.

While the controller is charging, the light bar will blink orange but as the battery is replenished, the light bar will slowly turn off.

Here are some things you need to know about charging your controller:

  • You will need to give your controller about two hours to charge if you exhaust all its power while playing
  • To be able to charge the controller efficiently, make sure that the temperature is between 10 °C and 30 °C while charging
  • At least once a year, make sure that you charge the controller completely. This will keep it functioning properly
  • How you use the controller as well as the environment it is in are determinants of its battery life
  • If you want to charge your controller while the console is in rest mode, you have to go to Settings and then choose Power Save Settings. After that, you can select Set Features Available in Rest Mode and then Supply Power to USB Ports.

Some Tips To Preserve Battery Life

  • One way to preserve battery life would be to reduce the brightness. To do that, you can navigate the PS4 to the settings and then select Devices, to be followed by Brightness. This is where you will be able to adjust the level of brightness.
  • Another trick would be to turn the vibration off. Even though a lot of people will not agree with this, turning the vibration off is quite effective. Go to settings and then Devices. From there, you can choose Controllers. You can enable the vibration option and then untick the box so that vibration would be deactivated.


Whether you buy your controller from Megamods or from Sony itself, it is essential to not only how but also how often you need to charge your controller. This way, you can prevent its battery from easily getting drained.

As a gamer, it is imperative to learn how to take better care of the facilities that we use to satisfy our daily dose of entertainment. This does not just refer to the console but to every part of the PS4 system including the controller.