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Marketing Guide: Instagram

Last updated on May 26, 2020

With over 1 billion monthly active users Instagram is now an important marketing platform out there. As we see how 72{4d701de86a459e1a8f90d1a90529d5e9dacdd100a3eba36e4ff50636d5900c0e} of the users have purchased something that they saw on Instagram. All these stats makes it an important aspect in terms of marketing. It’s clear that you can’t use Instagram for personal use anymore. It has become a platform to showcase your content or product and reach out to more and more people effectively.

Instagram can help you with the growth of your brand and introduction of new products in the market. As a new user to this platform it can be somewhat intimidating at first, this is where this guide will help you to get through that phase and showcase your skills.

  • Creating an Instagram business account

This is your first step towards getting your professional Instagram account. By setting up business account you make sure that your personal account is not linked with your business account.

Make sure to optimize your account by updating your profile picture and a good description in the bio section in order to get your account recognized. With business accounts you can provide links to your products. To shorten the link you can visit Bitly or

By switching to professional account you get access to several other in-app features as well. For instance you can block offensive comments.

  • Different Instagram posts

After optimizing your account you are required to post amazing product oriented content. Instagram allows you to post several type of content including photos, videos, and stories.

Image posts are the most common posts on Instagram and allows you to showcase your product to your audience. This increases the credibility of brand as well. The same rule also applies to video and story posts.

Other than this there are educational, motivational, influencer and several other type of post depending upon the business or product.

  • Tips and tricks

You have to be really creative with your photos and videos that you post. To enhance the quality and content of your post you can use several editing tools and filters as well. You can visit the app store/ play store to download several free editing apps to do so.

Boomerang is another interesting and trendy tool that comes with the app which allows the user to create a repetitive video from photos or burst of photos which is really interactive and fun to watch. Moreover, with Hyper-lapse you can shorten long videos to post-able content.

  • Analytics

This is the process where you try to identify your target audience and create interactive content for them. It in one of the most important step in marketing process. You are required to provide your best content to your followers to catch their attention.

You have to make sure that your followers are active as well, the more they like or comment on your post the more interactive and authentic your account is considered. It allows you to expand your audience exponentially as well.

Posting relevant stuff regularly is also an important part as it helps you to engage with your followers and gives you an idea about their likes and dislikes as well. This also shows how you value their opinion and response.

  • Marketing strategy

There are several steps for an effective Instagram marketing strategy:

  1. Set goals

You have to set your goals as in what you expect from Instagram which will enable you to focus a certain amount of attention, money and energy to your account.

  1. Determine target audience

Setting up your target audience is really important as you don’t want irrelevant crowd jamming up your account.

  1. Conduct analysis

You can always visit your competitors’ page to see what they are post and the review their post as well. This will help you understand what’s trendy and engaging the followers more.

  1. Configure an editorial calendar

You need to post content regularly and it might get difficult after some time to keep track of that. Creating an editorial calendar will help you to pre-plan your content and will help you in managing your time and presence on Instagram.

  1. Grow follower base

This is the most time consuming step in your marketing process. Buying fake followers is rookie mistake at this stage.  You just have to follow with your regular process and eventually you’ll get more followers.

At the end you can promote your content on Instagram with its marketing tool. It has several option that you can choose according to your own requirements.  You can pick from brand awareness, reach, traffic, app install, engagement, video views and conversion.

With more than billion active users there’s no denying in Instagram’s influence and reach. With high-quality content you can showcase your business in a unique way. You can visit to read about Instagram business and its marketing polic