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Crocs- Everything They’re Cracked Up to Be

Last updated on January 12, 2020

Love ’em or hate ’em, Crocs are everywhere. I couldn’t understand for months why those “ugly shoes” were so popular. Everywhere I looked, hot pink, orange, acid green rubbery looking things covered the feet of strangers everywhere. Then, they infiltrated the workplace. Now my co-workers were insisting that Crocs were the best shoes you could ever own. And then I tried a pair on, and now I know why.


If you’ve never tried on a pair of Crocs, you’re missing out on a piece of heaven. They may look like a piece of brightly colored tire tread, but they have the sole of a cloud. The day I tried my first pair, I’d already trekked through the mall, my feet were throbbing, my legs were sore, and I just wanted to go home. Within 5 minutes of wearing my new Crocs (purchased on the spot), the pain had left, and I was ready to keep walking. If you want to add more comfort to your Crocs you can add best insoles in them as well. This will give your feet additional support that they need.


There are so many health benefits to wearing Crocs. They form to your feet, so no matter the shape of your foot, or how high your arches, these shoes are supportive. Goodbye expensive inserts! They’re made of a bacteria resistant material which is wonderful for those with “stinky feet syndrome”, and for anyone who is prone to foot infections. Crocs even makes two special models for diabetics, one of which has silver embedded into the sole for even greater protection from infection.

Even better than being bacteria resistant, these shoes can be sterilized in a bleach and water solution should anything unpleasant happen, or if you work in an industry that seems to court messes (for instance, nurses, cooks, and farmers), without damaging the shoe, or the color. Add the large vents that allow air and water to pass through, and the fact that they weigh only 6oz (less weight= happier legs), and there just are no comparisons.


Crocs were originally designed and marketed as boating shoes, so they’re slip resistant. They can air dry in minutes, or be wiped dry instantly. This makes them perfect for traveling to the beach, or to rainy destinations. Since they can be washed and dried within a minute (and with the help of Crocs Butter), you could wear them swimming in the ocean, shower at your hotel, rub with Crocs Butter, and have the same pair of shoes looking like new for your big date.


Crocs start out at $20 and go up to approximately $70. Even at the most expensive, their prices beat out all of the competition. When knock-off brands can only beat Crocs price by $5-10, you know that the price is good.


Yes, the original Crocs are bulky, and bright, and ugly. And while that particular style remains incredibly popular, Crocs has come out with an entire line of very attractive shoes. The Cleo and the Patra are gorgeous sandals, and the Sassari is a great looking wedge. They’ve also come out with quite a few variations on the flip-flop.

Since there’s such a high demand, most stores won’t be able to pick and choose what they want, so you may only be able to get them online.

My Personal Experience:

I go on vacation to Walt Disney World almost every year. Anyone who has been there will tell you that it’s a lot of walking. Every trip that I’ve taken there, I barely lasted 3 hours before having to sit, even if it was on the ground while waiting in line.

This was my first trip with my Crocs, and I will never go without them again. It was three days before I felt the need to sit, and even then it was after midnight. I was not only able to keep up with everyone else, I was often having to stop to wait for them. Even when we were caught in the rain, and everyone else’s sneakers were soaked through, my Crocs dried within minutes while I was still walking.

Not bad for such an “ugly” shoe.