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Body Hair Removal

Last updated on June 12, 2021

Body Hair Removal is a big business, it is big business because smooth, hairless skin is in and people will pay lots of money to have hair removal done either at home or at a professional place of business.

There are numerous ways to do body hair removal but the focus here will be on electrolysis hair removal, laser for hair removal and waxing hair removal. It is best to look at all body hair removal options and decide if one method or a combination of methods is best for you.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis Hair Removal involves placing a small needle into the hair follicle and then an electrical current goes into the root of the unwanted hair. When the electrical current goes into the root of the hair, it destroys the hair root and the hair is not supposed to grow back although from my experience it does grow back sometimes. Electrolysis Hair Removal does take some time to do because the technician needs to do each hair follicle individually and typically numerous hair removal sessions are needed to remove all the hairs. Electrolysis Hair Removal is supposed to be a permanent way to do body hair removal but there are some issues that need to be taken into consideration. Electrolysis technicians are not governed under any type of standardized licensing such as nurses, teachers or doctors so finding an Electrolysis Technician that you can trust would most likely come from word of mouth and asking a lot of questions. Electrolysis Hair Removal does take quite a few sessions to make sure all body hair removal is complete, so a long term commitment is needed, a good estimate would be about a year and a half.

Laser for Hair Removal

Laser for Hair Removal is gaining in popularity and it is more heard of today than it was even two years ago. The lasers transmit light at various wavelengths, the energy level gave out varies, and the pulses are varied too. The pulses which are the wavelength used will affect the skin structure. Lasers for hair removal focuses in on the melanin and burns the melanin so it slows down hair growth, laser for hair removal has some similarities to Electrolysis Hair Removal. I will say that from personal experience, the best way that I can explain the sensation of laser for hair removal is that it feels like small rubber bands snapping on the skin. It is not unbearable pain but there definitely is a certain amount of discomfort and the anxiety of the laser hitting the skin. Laser hair removal uses laser beams of highly concentrated light to target hair follicles which make this process more effective and long lasting than all the other options that are there in this list.

Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing Hair Removal is my preferred method because quite a bit of hair can be removed at one time. Wax is typically warmed enough so that it can spread easily over the skin in the same direction of the hair growth. The hair then becomes caught in the wax and the wax cools fairly quickly, as the wax cools the hairs are unable to escape. When the wax is warm, normally a piece of fabric is placed on the wax so that it is easy to pull the wax off once the wax is completely cooled. Waxing Hair Removal is a little bit painful as a lot of hairs are being pulled directly out of the follicle but afterward the smooth and hairless skin is worth the little bit of pain. There does not to be caution with warm wax as there is a possibility of burning the skin, especially in the eyebrow area as it is close to the eyes.

Deciding which body hair removal is best suited to you is a personal issue and one that should be considered carefully. It is not a bad idea to try various body hair removal techniques to find out which one you prefer, as the old saying goes-you will not know until you try!