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How to Upload Photographs from Your Motorola Razr Mobile Phone to a Computer

Last updated on March 25, 2020

The camera on a Motorola Razr cell phone captures decent pictures plus it is useful to carry around when you are traveling. You don’t have to carry a camera with you everywhere you go to take pictures of memorable moments with family or friends any longer, you can just use your cell phone. Once you’ve taken several pictures you need to transfer them to a PC so you can save the photos on your hard disc. You may create your digital album using photos you have taken using your Motorola Razr. Make sure that you buy Mobile Covers in India at that will help you in keeping your device from slips and drops. This way you can keep your photographs always safe on your smart device and upload them wherever you like.

Connecting the USB Data Cable. A Motorola Razr mobile phone may come with its USB data cable however if it didn’t one can buy one from the store where they bought their mobile phone. Plug the smaller end of your USB wire into the Motorola Razr’s USB port and then plug the wider end to your PC’s USB port. Ensure both devices are switched on before pluging the USB data cable.

Proceed to My Computer. Once you connect any device to a PC through its USB port the PC will detect the connection and that device will appear on the computer. Go to your “Start” menu and select the shortcut to “My Computer”. Your “My Computer” window should open and every hard disk linked to your PC will be visible. You should observe a new connection on the list of hard disks, and it represents your Motorola Razr mobile phone. Should it not appear on the list yet, you should right click on your menu window and hit “Refresh” from the menu. This should help find the connected device.

Selecting the new device. Choose the new device on your “My Computer” window so as to open the folder and show the stored contents. Find the photos you had taken with the mobile phone and first preview them. You can choose a photo you wish to upload to the computer and then just drag it to your desktop or the “My Picture” folder of the left side of the explorer window. One may also select the photograph and hit CTRL+C while that file is highlighted as a way of copying the photo.

Proceed to your folder where you would like to save the photo then hit CTRL+V to paste that photo into the folder. If you wish to move your photo to the computer while removing the file from the Motorola Razr, simply hit CTRL+X as a way of cutting the photo from the mobile phone then hit CTRL+V therefore pasting it in the folder.

Uploading photos is easy and fast when you make use of USB cable to link both devices. This is the best way to free memory on that Motorola Razr so you may take more photographs with the mobile phone.

Ensure you have sufficient battery power in the mobile phone when uploading pictures. Your power could run out, which would cause the uploading process to stop.