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Loan Modification Programs: Choosing The Right One

Last updated on February 6, 2020

There are a variety of loan modification programs available from almost any lender. Lenders are trying to avoid foreclosures as much as homeowners are thanks to the housing market crash. The loan modification programs that are offered by most are tailored to fit homeowners from many walks of life and can with almost any budget.

Some lenders, like Bank of America, host a huge variety of programs for their borrowers to choose from. Usually,  lenders who hold sub-prime mortgages, as well as regular mortgages, offer the most loan modification program options.

However; some lenders are inflexible with their programs and only offer a few options for their borrowers. Most of the lenders who are inflexible are not as open to applications as those who are. For borrowers, a warning light that their lender is not going to be easy to negotiate with is if they do not offer many programs in the way of loan modifications. An example of a financial institution that fits that description is Wells Fargo, who does not offer many programs by any stretch of the imagination and is extremely difficult to work with towards modifications.

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Depending on the lender, some programs can even change sub-prime mortgages rates to rates comparable to those of regular mortgages — though getting that type of modification is not an easy task.

Each set of programs have different requirements. For example, a program that wipes away part of the principal as well as lowering the interest rate is going to be more difficult to receive than one that simply lowers the interest rate.

Working with a company towards modification can have a huge effect on a financial institution’s loan modification programs. A specialized loan modification company can bend a lender further than their program initially requires. Working through a company can land a lower interest rate than the program dictates, or even add the reduction of the principal onto a plan that is supposed to only carry an interest modification — for the same monthly payment rate and mortgage duration.

The duration of programs varies greatly. Some stretch the mortgage over a 30 year period, while some actually only affect the mortgage for five years. Many do feature balloon payments near the end of the modification duration, even if it does not cover the entirety of the mortgage term. Some programs seem great on paper, but doing the math in combination with the duration can actually be more troublesome and expensive than initially thought.

With a huge amount of backing from the Obama Administration, lenders across the country are coming up with new loan modification programs all of the time. And since most lenders allow a homeowner to apply for modification again if they are denied the first time, for some it may be a blessing in disguise if they are denied and a more appropriate program is available later on.