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Guidance regarding The Best Swimming Holes in North Carolina

Last updated on February 28, 2020

In the summer of 2004 I visited North Carolina to find some of their best swimming holes. I figured the best swimming holes in North Carolina would probably be in the western part of the state. And though I found a good majority of nice swimming holes out there, the eastern part of the state also held some beautiful North Carolina swimming holes. Here is a list of the absolute best swimming holes in North Carolina.

  1. The Eno Quarry

This swimming hole is one of many swimming holes based along the Eno River near Durham, North Carolina. The Eno Quarry is a large quarry that is off the beaten path. There are a few worn trails that lead to the Quarry, and despite the Quarry being quite popular, none of the trails look fresh. You will be best served by asking locals for directions. The quarry itself is very large, and great for those who enjoy swimming laps. There isn’t much of an edge for visitors to sun and tan on, and that can also make it difficult when getting out of the water. The water is very deep. Locals I talked to said that the quarry is close to 80 feet. Deep. The water is clear for the most part, and supports local wildlife like fish and birds. But they’re not bothersome. If you’re planning on staying awhile, I suggest bringing life jackets or floats, as there isn’t room to just hang out. You’re going to be in the water most of the time. The rocks surrounding the quarry’s edge are sharp and jagged, but manageable if you use precaution. Great place for jumping. Teenagers and adults with an adventurous side will love it.

  1. Deep Bottom

The North Carolina swimming hole known as Deep Bottom, was named by the locals because legend has it that nobody has ever touched the bottom. Although that legend can’t be confirmed, I personally was never able to touch the bottom of this swimming hole. A great place not too far from the great Atlantic Ocean, Deep Hole is a very popular swimming hole, as well as a hang out for teenagers and young adults. There is a lot of partying going on here. The police do patrol the area due to reports of underage drinking, but it’s not that often and they don’t hassle anybody who is using the river to swim. The place has a few rope swings that you can use, and many of the trees are dressed with rope ladders. It’s a fun spot for the entire family. River doesn’t have much of a current, though I assume that could change in a whim. It’s definitely a swimming hole worth checking out if you’re in the area. The lessons for adults in singapore will be advantageous and beneficial for them. The whole family can enjoy the swimming in the pool at Singapore with minimum expenses. 

  1. Widows Creek Falls

Widows Creek Falls is as close to the definition of a swimming hole as possible. This North Carolina beauty is located in the Stone Mountain State Natural Area. The swimming area is very small in comparison to other places, but that’s what makes it so appealing. It’s not a place you would spend all day swimming. It’s just an 8 foot deep hole, and just big enough to jump in and jump out after a blazing hike up Stone Mountain. The river is clear, and the smooth rock that has been worn down by rushing water over the last million years has a great appeal. The place is perfect for pictures. It’s an absolutely beautiful view. There is a small dip from the lip of the rivers edge, but you’re only going to be landing in 6 to 8 feet of water, so be careful. The swimming hole could probably fit 4 or 5 people comfortably.

  1. Hollows Falls

In the Sapphire area of the state is Hollows Falls. This was an exciting North Carolina swimming hole, but for a completely different reason from the rest. Hollows Falls did not have a rope swing or ledges for jump from. The waterfall was meager and ordinary at best. What was exciting for me about Hollows Falls is that the river is well known for being home to crawdads and water snakes. I’m not an animal expert, so maybe the snake was not poisonous. But in my head, it was. While I was swimming, the snake swam at me with no regard for my well being. It altered its course when I splashed around a little, but it was no less exhilarating. True, I probably wouldn’t have died if it bit me. But when you don’t expect a snake, and you see one, it’s quite the adrenaline rush. Hollows Falls only makes the list of the best swimming holes in North Carolina because of my interaction with that snake and how thrilling it was.

  1. South Toe

There is a great swimming hole in North Carolina in the Estatoe River, which locals lovingly refer to at “The Toe.” South Toe is a natural swimming hole, but the it was given a helping hand by humans too. There is a small falls in the river that locals transformed into a larger falls, by using an old footbridge. It’s quite impressive. You can jump off this man made falls into the deep wide pool below. The water is a sparkling green and there is plenty of room for sunning and tanning. The current wasn’t strong, so bringing the kids is a good idea. The swimming area is wide and would be great for Sevylor Inflatable Float Ring.

I was impressed with the swimming areas in North Carolina. They were up to par with the rest of the country. I also noted that many of the swimming holes that were close to the shore were not too salty, which I found surprising. This is contrary to the swimming holes in Rhode Island, which seemed to be filled with salt water. Overall, I was very happy with my trip to North Carolina and the adventures that I had. If you’re in the area, you should check out some of these swimming holes. They’re among the best swimming holes in North Carolina.