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Bic Soleil Twighlight: A Dream Razor For Boys

Last updated on March 9, 2020

A few months ago I found the best razor I have ever risked shaving and slicing my legs with. This razor for the ladies is the Bic Soleil Twighlight, a lavender scented luxury for those of us who are not getting waxed or laser treatments for the purpose of hair removal. It has a wide grip handle, a great smell, and leaves a wonderfully smooth finish. This razor is a must have for the shower or bath shave time experience.

It comes in pretty colors that break traditions of having nothing but pink or blue for the girls. The Bic Soleil Twighlight triple blade shaver for women has shades of purple. The original Soleil comes in four shades of sunrise but does not have the lovely lavender scent.

The color is not all that makes these razors stand out from the crowd. The Bic Soleil is also designed with an easy to grip handle that makes it harder to slip and cut yourself. The moisturizing strip on this razor also makes a difference in the shave experience because it actually makes a difference where almost all other razors fall short. I am incredibly prone to razor burn and this razor does not leave me itchy and spotted like nearly every other razor I have ever used. The Soleil is like a sun kissed dream come true. This is probably as a result of the Aloe and vitamin E moisturizing strip at the end that is also a lovely color to match the handle. On the Bic Soleil Twighlight, you will also find the lavender scent.

The triple blade action of the Bic Soleil and the Bic Soleil Twighlight provides a great smooth shave. The Bic Soleil Twighlight and the Bic Soleil also have a head that will move with your leg to prevent cuts and maintain comfort. These razors leave my legs smooth and silky with a pain free shine. Bic has announced that in the Spring of this year, the company will be releasing an additional scented razor, the Bic Soleil Citron. The Bic Soleil Citron will have the same features as the original Bic Soleil and the Bic Soleil Twighlight but with an added citrus smell rather than lavender.

I have compared this razor to other razors similar to it, such as the Venus razor, but I prefer the Soleil to any other. I am able to use the Bic Soleil Twighlight multiple times before it needs to be disposed of. I love the fact that there is not a problem with razor burn or cutting. If you are tired of shaving your legs with the same old cheese grater, then try the Bic Soleil Twighlight or the standard Bic Soleil. It will make you want to shave your legs. With the waxing, bartschneider is available in the market with different colors and styles. The trimming of the beard should be perfect for the facial hairs of the boys.