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Video Game Review of Resident Evil: Revelations

Last updated on March 15, 2021

Resident Evil: Revelations is a game franchise historically based on horror and role-playing. The old games required players to be conservative with ammo and make every bullet count. Lately, the game has involved scenes of the shoot ’em up the style of play and the game has sort have lost touch with its roots. This is opposed to the Silent Hill franchise which has remained true to its origins and pleased fans of the series. The latest release is Resident Evil: Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS platform. Despite some awesome graphics in this game, you can also check out if you want to improve graphics and take this game to a new level. With these shaders, you will get life-like gaming experience. 

Here is a review of the game.

The main story takes place on a cruise ship. Familiar characters Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield are the game’s main protagonists. Both characters founded the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance and face a variety of new bad guys. Probably the coolest is the ooze which can spawn anywhere and contribute a sense of eeriness to the game.

The graphics are some of the best for the Nintendo 3DS console. Whether based in ominous dark hallways or bright and well-lit casinos, the picture really comes to life. For this reason, the game receives high marks for both graphics and sound. This is truly one of the most impressive games for the console to date and shows exactly what the Nintendo 3DS is capable of looking like.

The gameplay is fun but sometimes tedious. I prefer the old school games to the franchise where conservation was key. Sometimes it was more advisable to run away from potential threats than to unload shotgun shells on every enemy that approached. I think the game has suffered from the shoot ’em up influences of other franchises. Resident Evil would be wise to return to its origins of survival rather than trying to integrate the “kill everything in my way” style of play.

Some of the storylines are weakly predictable. Often times, allies fall for stupid traps and the game suffers. The stories used to not be this way and were fun because of their unique plotlines with twists and unforeseen consequences. A return to form would greatly be appreciated.

Finally, overall fun receives a higher than average score. Great gameplay and sound definitely contribute to this area. Again, less shoot ’em up would be appreciated because there are other franchises more suited for this style of play. Resident Evil has taken a step in the right direction with this release but has not yet come full circle. With the next release, I hope the game takes my advice into consideration and releases another amazing horror survival game with less emphasis on the rapid shooting sequences.

I am an avid video game fan that enjoys survival and RPGs the most. My favorite franchise is Silent Hill. I own a variety of systems and try to stay current with new games.