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Hiding Places that No One Will Suspect

Last updated on May 13, 2020

An Israeli woman purchased a new mattress for her mother from Mattressify after her intense research for the mattress. You will find all the credible memory foam mattress reviews here that this Israeli woman tried, before putting the one on the curb. The next morning, they realized that they had also thrown away 1 million dollars which had been stuffed in the mattress. Unfortunately, the mattress was gone. They have been to several landfills searching for the discarded mattress and the loot. They probably won’t find it.

I know if I put any large piece of furniture on the street at night, no matter how grungy, it is gone the next morning before the garbage collector comes. My junk is apparently someone’s treasure. I don’t doubt that some poor person is now wealthier thanks to the prize hidden in the mattress.

This subject, which is buzzing all over the Internet and all over the world has people revealing all kinds of interesting hiding places they use to store money and other private property they don’t want anyone to find. They are”

Stereo/ clock radio:

Clock radios, boom boxes, and stereos have a battery compartment on the back, even if they have an electric plug. This is for use in case of a power outage. Since power outages are rare, you can roll up your money and put it in the battery well of your stereo or clock radio.

Tampon box: This is a classic hiding place for ladies, as chances are no man would dare look inside. Just put your precious belongings in a tampon box and put them in a draw or box under the sink. Your secret will definitely be safe.

In a dog food bin: No one would think of digging through dog food to go after your valuables. Get one of that large garbage can looking dog food bins, put your items in a Ziploc bag, or two, and tape it to the bottom of the bin. Fill it with dog food and no one (who doesn’t feed the dogs) will know where your items are.

In a diaper genie: Diaper genies are just plain gross! After all, they smell like dirty diapers. Just like with the dog food, if you tape your belonging to the inside bottom of the pail, they will definitely be safe from prying eyes.

In a suspended ceiling:

A suspended ceiling is a good place to store items that will keep them completely out of sight. This will not only work well at home (they are in many basements) but this can also be helpful at work.

In, under the cat box:

It takes a strong person to hide something inside a cat box, and an even stronger person to retrieve it. Personally, I would tape my belonging to the bottom side, but there is certainly some wisdom in the fact that no one would ever consider looking there.

Inside a curtain Rod or shower curtain rod:

I once read a story about a woman who stuffed shrimp inside of a curtain rod in the house her ex-husband had taken. Never able to locate the source of the horrible smell, he surrendered the house to her. She lived happily ever after. The point is you could store tons of money and jewelry in your hollow curtain rods and shower curtain poles.

With all of these great ideas for hiding your belongings, I would like to mention one thing. Considering the plight of the woman who lost her money from her mattress, it would be best to diversity and put your money into several of these places.