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The 5 Most Common Symptoms Of Inflammation

Last updated on March 6, 2021

At times you may notice that you are experiencing some sort of pain and swelling in your body. However, at times it might be the result of a certain trauma, infection, allergy, etc experienced by your body. Other times, you may not even know the real reason for the pain, as it might start suddenly without any particular reason. No matter what the reason is, once it starts you will have to undergo proper treatment with the help of CBD for anxiety and inflammation to get better. Inflammation is a condition in which your body tries to remove any harmful stimuli that may be causing the problem. The stimuli may include damaged cells, pathogens like bacteria, viruses, fungus, and irritants. Thus, inflammation is the body’s way of self-defense.

Inflammation is helpful in healing the damaged portion of the body; without inflammation, it is difficult for a wound to heal completely. The first stage is irritation, in and around the affected area and then it turns to inflammation. The common symptoms which represent this are redness, swelling, etc. In some cases, it is followed by the discharge of pus. Then the granulation or the final stage occurs. Inflammation is good until it is trying to heal you from the problem, however, at times the inflammation itself can become a problem.

Types of Inflammation

There are basically two types of inflammation one is acute and the other is chronic.

Acute inflammation-

It happens fast, within minutes after the tissue gets injured or during the onset of an infection and it becomes severe in no time. However, its duration is short because the damage is less and it gets better with proper treatment.

Chronic Inflammation-

It is a long-term thing that lasts for months and in some cases years. The major cause of this problem is the improper functioning of the immune system. In certain cases, the immune system itself attacks the healthy tissue which triggers more problems. You may experience one or more symptoms till the problem is completely cured.

Acute problems can be treated easily and there are certain medications that can be taken to avail remedy. However, if you are suffering chronically then the main reason has to be found out first and then the treatment can be done accordingly. It is most likely to be a combination of certain physical exercises and medication.

Symptoms and Treatment

The symptoms of inflammation differ depending upon the type of inflammation. However, there are five signs that are common in both cases.

ü Pain-

No matter which body part is affected; it is going to be painful. The affected area becomes more sensitive than the rest thus if that particular area is touched you will feel the pain. In case of an acute problem, the pain is mild at the beginning which may turn severe with time. However in the case of chronic condition you might experience mild pain most of the time.

ü Swelling-

Swelling is a part of inflammation, it occurs due to the infection and the accumulation of fluid in the infected area. It is a way of your body telling you to address the problem. However, the swollen parts are more sensitive, thus touching the part may cause pain.

ü Reduced Function-

The part of the body that has been affected may lose some functions temporarily and trying to touch or move it may result in more pain. You should not try to push your limits by trying to move it as it may cause permanent damage to that part, especially if the problem is in a large area like the back and neck.

ü Heat-

it is one of the most common symptoms of inflammation, the affected part will be hotter than the rest of the body parts because blood rushes to the affected area to fuel the immune cells. The immune cells need more blood to fight the problem thus the accumulation of blood causes heat.

ü Redness-

it happens because the affected area gets filled with more blood than usual. It is common in case of acute inflammation but not usual in case of chronic inflammation.

Though it can affect any part of the body one suffers most when it affects the back. Lower back pain is due to inflammation of the spine. It can affect individuals of any age; however, is common amongst people who are above the age of 40. It is generally a chronic condition and it elevates on and off for several months. There are several types of treatments available for this condition. You can find medicines that help reduce the symptoms to exercises that can help remove this problem from its roots. You can opt for the treatment of your choice; however, it is important to consult a physician to understand the cause. You should take precautions and make small changes in your lifestyle if you have faced this problem in the past.