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Are Robotic Lawn Mowers Safe?

Last updated on May 28, 2022

Are Self-Driving Lawnmowers Safe to Use?

As soon as people hear the term “robotic lawn mower,” safety is usually the first issue that springs to mind. How is it possible for autonomous robots to be safe when they have spinning blades? The numbers speak for themselves in this case.

The typical lawn mower is the most dangerous piece of gardening equipment

Body parts coming into contact with the mower’s spinning blades are the most common cause of severe injury or death. An rising number of people are amputation victims. Debris or stones that are thrown from the cutting blades might potentially injure the operator. This happens on a regular basis. A person’s body might be seriously injured if it comes into contact with the Robotniiduk mower’s hot surfaces or if the flammable gasoline is ignited.

Astonishingly, using robotic lawnmowers poses no danger

Robotic lawn mowers, on the other hand, use completely different cutting methods and technology, greatly reducing the risk of injury while mowing the grass with them. If there is an interruption, the mower’s blades will stop within a fraction of a second since they are fitted with sensors that detect impact and tilt. Because the blades consume less energy than regular mower blades, even if a person were to come into contact with one, the damage would be far less severe.

There’s no way to compare these two quite different types of equipment. Robotic lawn mowers’ high level of safety is predicted to be the most crucial element in their growth on the market in the next years.


The first home versions of robotic lawn mowers appeared in the mid-1990s after more than 30 years of study. Robot lawn mowers must be safe in order for the public to embrace them. The inventors of robot lawn mowers were conscious of the public’s apprehension about automated equipment with moving blades that may inadvertently injure humans. I had no desire to own one if I couldn’t be convinced that all safety precautions had been taken.