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Back to School While Working Full-Time

Going back to school after not having been in years is always a challenge on many levels, but how about the challenge of going back to school while working full-time. There are so many people who provide secondary school tuition in Singapore while also going back to school. There are many challenges of attending school and working full time: time away from family, paying the bills and tuition, and exhaustion to name a few. However, in this article you will learn tips to pay for college tuition and books while working full-time.

  1. Federal Financial Aid- This is a great opportunity for anyone that qualifies. Each year anyone can apply for federal financial aid through the U.S. Department of Education. Federal financial aid is a low interest loan that can usually be deferred until after the student graduates from college. In addition, financial aid assists college students with tuition and fees, room and board, books, supplies, and certain types of transportation. The Stafford Loan is a great place to start for federal aid. Normally, private student loans do not provide such freedom and benefits and will end up costing you a lot of money while worrying about all other responsibilities as a full-time worker.
  2. College Grants – How can anyone say no to free money to pay for college? College grants are free and cost no money to the grantee. Be careful, there are numerous websites that try and get you to pay a fee to get a grant; these are scams. Go to the financial aid office to get accurate information. If you already qualify for federal financial aid then you more or less qualify for a federal grant. There are also state grants as well. The Pell Grant is a great place to start if qualified and remember a grant does not have to be repaid.
  3. Scholarships – As a full-time employee you definitely want to look into this method, because more than likely your place of employment has some type of scholarship opportunity that you could apply for. There are multiple scholarships that are usually available: athletic, academic, field of study, community, heritage, hobby, church, workplace, private organizations that you may have involvement with (i.e. Free Masons, American Legion, etc.), and scholarships available for your major. Seek your employer, private organization, and/or financial aid office for scholarship information.

  4. Reduce Textbook Expenses – Textbooks can be one of the most expensive items you have to purchase throughout your college career. One way to save money and put towards other expenses for college is to save money when purchasing textbooks. Never buy new unless you are absolutely required; always go used. You can purchase most textbooks for your classes on websites like Ebay and Amazon or even download free textbooks from websites like Freeload Press. However, before going to purchase a used college book ask your professor if you can utilize a previous edition as older editions will cost you less. Once you have completed that class turn around and re-sell the textbook and put money back in your pocket. Just be careful not to mark-up your textbook or you won’t be able to re-sell it.
  5. Education Tax Deductions – Since you are a full-time worker you have to worry about taxes at the end of the year. Well a majority of the time you can qualify for education tax deductions and can potentially put a lot of money back in your pocket at the end of the year that you can apply back to your tuition to help pay off your student loans, if applicable. Or just put the money back in your pocket and let it be a reward for your year’s hard work.

With all those challenges that you worry about when going back to school while working full-time there are numerous ways to put money back in your pocket or even attend college for free by utilizing these tips to pay for college tuition and books. Use one resource or combine all of them for the best outcome. Thousands earn a higher education and never pay a dime, you can to.