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Celebrity Hair Transplant Pictures – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

In recent decades, there have been many ways to enhance our cosmetic appearance. One of the treatments to make the most impact has got to be the hair transplant surgery. There is no doubt about that one. With hair restoration surgery, people who were once bald can sport a few decent looking manes in the short, short timespan of only a few months. It does cost you quite a penny, if but if you can afford it and you really, really want it… then you can partially restore your lost hair. This type of surgery isn’t perfected yet, but the technology behind it keeps improving. Are you into Castlemore for laser hair removal treatment? If yes, there are factors that you need to consider before getting into the details for methods like hair transplant.

The hair transplant treatment works by transplanting some donor hair from the back of your head to areas on top of your head, where you have lost your hair. The donor hair from the back of the head is immune to DHT, the hair loss hormone. This is the reason why the hair in the back of the head never falls out. When it’s transplanted, it remains immune. Transplanted hairs will never fall out, not even when they reside in places where you have lost hair. For this reason, hair restoration truly offers a permanent solution to hair loss. Keep in mind that with a hair transplant you cannot achieve the same kind of density that your natural hair once had.

Celebrity Hair Transplant Pictures

This treatment produces very impressive results. The many celebrities that Hollywood is rich have not failed to notice this. Their careers kind of depend on them looking good. And if looking good means getting hair restoration surgery done, then so be it! They’ve got the money, so why not? You can find many examples of celebrity hair plugs on the Internet. The great thing about looking at pictures online is that you can compare before and after photos. Nothing illustrates hair restoration results like a good pair of before and after pictures!

A great example of a celebrity hair transplant, is Wade Boggs. Wade is a baseball professional who has made it to the hall of fame. While his career didn’t really depend on his looks, he wasn’t feeling happy with his bald head. His hair restoration looks very good on him and you can tell by the smile on his face that he is happy with it. Another good example is Mel Gibson. He was once famous for his full mane, which helped him conquer many a young female’s heart. Thanks to his successful hair restoration, he now has a full mane even now that he’s in his fifties!