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What Are The Translation Myths You Came Around?

In the world of globalization, translation services are quite essential for businesses and companies. There are many translation companies and gadgets like, that makes it easier for monolinguals to scale their businesses and travel around the world. There are several myths associated when it comes to the world of translation. Here is a list of 7 translation myths that you come across:

  1. There is no need for a professional translator
    This is a myth that is followed by many business owners. They often try to avoid investing in any professional translation services as they think that their content is not intended for the native speakers. If this were any true, any translation service would be obsolete. If your content needs to be translated in a different language you must hire a professional translator to do so.
  2. Using reverse translation you can check translation quality
    This is a big myth as it is not even possible to reverse translate most of the language properly. Any good translation would consist of cultural references and subtle adaptations this is what makes the content more appealing. Moreover, when we go for word to word translation of any language it is often incorrect and bland to its readers.
  3. Translation is done through online tools only
    No translator uses an online tool in order to translate any of the content. The help of online tools makes sure that the customers get a timely and consistent translation service. Moreover, all these online tools are used by translators to increase their command over the language and to gain more experience of the content they are translating.
  4. You need professional translation services for legal agreements and documents
    It is an understatement to say that you need professional translation services in order for legal documents and agreements. Besides this, you should opt for professional services for all your work-related stuff such as websites, software, games, and whatnot. This way get quality in your content and you can get more views on your stuff from native users. These translation services are not only for people who are visiting a foreign land.
  5. An interpreter can work as a certified translator
    Both interpreters and translators go through a series of tests and training that is helpful in their work. There are several work studies and simulations that they go through in order to get the certification for their work. However, in order to be a certified translator, you must get through some certification exams that are conducted by the state or country’s authorities. You will be considered a professional translator only then.
  6. If you speak any language you can work a translator
    With any language, there are outdated words and new words are being added continuously to the dictionary. It is not an easy task to remember all the words and several technical terms when you start learning any language. This is why in order to become a certified translator you have to go through some official exams before you can call yourself a translator.

Customers always want high-quality translation services
This is not true in every translation case. There are times when customers would prefer speed over quality depending on the purpose of their translation. This also doesn’t mean that customers would be happy with low-quality translations.