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Ireland – May The Lord Be With You

IRELANDIf you want to move to Ireland, you could use to understand, or at least to know about two things in particular: customs and superstitions. When they greet someone, the Irish use general phrases such as “Hello” or “how are you?”. Not few will be the situations when you will hear people saying “Dia dhuit”, which means “May the Lord be With You”. When you’re talking to someone look him in the eyes because this will earn his trust. If you’re invited into an Irish home, make sure that you appear on time. The Irish are proud about their sense of humor and they are always teasing their friends, so, if you’re teased, do not take it too seriously.

Regarding the habits of the business world, it’s good to shake hands with all who attend a session, both in the beginning and in the end of it. Many business people have business cards, so if you give someone your cars and you IRELANDwill not get another one back, don’t feel offended. In general, business is made in usual places, such as restaurants and pubs. Similarly, the custom is to participate to discussions, because it is assumed that all need to be involved. Irish business culture is known to be much more relaxed than in many other places in Europe.

Many of us are familiar with such clichés as “luck of the Irish”, “bucket of gold” or “four leaf clover”, but not many of us know the practical information to move to Ireland. Here are some interesting examples: throwing coins on the side of a ship brings the storm and the water that washes the feet should never be thrown during the night. During a storm, make sure you’ve covered or flipped all the mirrors in the house. When someone buy a car, you should give him money.